It’s that time again ain’t it? This post follows a similar premise to “Stuff you won’t see in botania“: things that people keep asking/telling/demanding me to add, and that I […]

I didn’t think I’d have to do this, but I guess CurseForge requires a proper written permission statement, so… As of today, 18 of February 2016, williewillus (CurseForge member williewillus) may post […]

Short post this time, I want to talk a bit about a response I often give to suggestions and why I do so. So let’s do that. Sometimes the best […]

Ok, I’m tired. Now and then somebody comes to me with an idea for the nth time that I’ve rejected (n-1) times, and as a decent portion of the internet is […]

You as an elementary school teacher observe some of your students’ behaviour. When child A is not around, you notice child B’s mood to be much better than normal. You […]