I make Minecraft Mods. A lot of them, actually.

Flagship Mods:
The bigger mods you might know me for.

  • Botania (A magic themed tech mod based in natural magic that encourages sandbox gameplay and challenges without grinding) [Currently Inactive]
  • Psi (A magical tech spell programming mod inspired by Mahouka) [Currently Active]
  • Quark (A mod containing a lot of small things that fit in the vanilla game) [Currently Active]
  • Thaumic Tinkerer (Thaumcraft Addon, spiritual successor to Elemental Tinkerer) [Handed Out]
  • Elemental Tinkerer (A magic mod based on casting elemental spells) [Discontinued]

Standard Mods:
Standard size mods, nothing the the size of the “flaghsip” ones. All mods in this list are currently active.

  • Player’s Choice (Modpack maker tool that allows shipping of optional mods and more)
  • Neat (Minimalistic Functional Unit Plates, or health bars, if you prefer that) [Currently Active]
  • Pillar (Worldgen Structure Customization using 1.10 Structure Blocks) [Currently Active]
  • ChatFlow (Allows for control of any incoming chat messages using Regex, also adds Toast Notifications[Currently Active]
  • Morph-o-Tool (A 100% capable omni-tool style item that turns into items you give it based on the mod) [Currently Active]
  • Akashic Tome (Morph-o-Tool but for books) [Currently Active]

I sometimes make modpacks too!

Inactive Mods:
Other mods I’ve made that are still fully available, but not being updated.

  • Skillable (Level-uppable skils for item locking) [Handed out]
  • Ambience (Environmentally Aware soundtracks in Minecraft, you can add any soundtrack, a few music packs are linked in the post) [Currently Inactive]
  • Vocation (Voiced messages on screen through triggers with actions. For tutorial and pack makers) [Currently Inactive]
  • BlockDispenser (Allows dispensers to place blocks) [Currently Inactive]
  • mineTunes (In-game .mp3 music player complete with playlists and an interface display) [Currently Inactive]
  • ReCubed (Statistics mod, it tracks pretty much everything, persistent server side stats) [Currently Inactive]
  • Waterproof (Allows for redstone and other blocks to not get washed away by water) [Currently Inactive]
  • Pfaeff’s Mod (A port of Pfaeff’s Mod for 1.7, obviously originally made by Pfaeff) [Currently Inactive]
  • IKWILA (I Know What I’m Looking At, removes unneeded tooltips from items) [Currently Inactive]
  • LiMI (Lightweight Mod Indicator, aka Waila without Waila) [Currently Inactive]
  • Substreetution (Allows you to modify what type of wood swamp trees are made of, because I wanted willows) [Currently Inactive]

Discontinued Mods:
I’ve made a lot of mods. A lot of times they don’t stick. This is here only for archival, none of these are getting touched with a 10 foot pole.

  • Cube World Model Loader (For Modders, allows Cube World models (.cub) to be loaded and rendered in minecraft) [Developer Tool]
  • RuneTune (RuneScape Music in Minecraft, discontinued in favour of Ambience [1.7.10])
  • watmean (A small mod that adds a list of help links to the chat tab that you can click to get info) [1.7.10]
  • CraftHeraldry (Allows you to create heraldry in minecraft with over 1200 icons to pick from) [1.7.10]
  • Emotes (Lets the player do emotes in the game, similar to those in Runescape or other MMOs) [1.7.10]
  • GenCreator (Ingame WorldGen Structure Maker) [1.7.10]
  • Mod Lister (Lists the mods you are running into a text file you can share. Unofficial update is linked in the thread.) [Version independent]
  • Minium Transmutator (EE3 addon, a placeholder for the energy condenser from EE2 [1.6])
  • HotbarSwapper (Allows you to swap what’s in your hotbar, client sided) [1.6+]
  • Creeper Temper (Makes creepers red as their fuse grows shorter) [1.6+]
  • SoundControl (Individually control the volume of all sound effects, aka the MAKE THOSE MOBS SHUT UP MOD) [1.6+]
  • Cowboy Hat (Heeyaw! Allows you to see horse stats) [1.6+]
  • ChickenShed (Chickens drop feathers, made by me for and, being maintained by ZeroLevels) [1.6+]
  • IGML2 (Ingame Mod List, fed from the Minecraft Forums official mod list) [1.5+]
  • Crafting Creation (Minigame, made for the Mod Jam) [1.5+]
  • HandSword (Swords look cooler in hand, client mod) [1.4.7]
  • Ingame Mod List (Predecessor to the IGML2 mod, maintained by ZeroLevels) [1.4.5]
  • Layman Mod Maker (Ingame Mod Creator) [1.4.5]
  • Vazcore, Ebon Mod, EasyFPS, Health Bars, Recall and Chat Macros (Vazkii’s Mods Main Thread, respectively, mod library, adds necromancery into the game, shows your FPS in the top right corner, displays health bars above entities, adds teleportation items, simplifies chat by adding macros) [1.4.5]
  • tukmc (Slick HUD, inspired by the tukui mod for WoW, currently being updated, and maintained by maxpowa in this thread) [1.4.5]
  • Mod Update Manager (API/Library for mod update checking) [1.3.2]
  • Chat Spell Checker (Spellchecks messages in the chat) [1.3.2]
  • LMGTFY Mod (Adds a chat button to send “Let me google that for you” links) [1.3.2]
  • Well Dungeons (Generates Dungeons under Villager Wells) [1.2.5]
  • Ladder Collision Boxes (Returns Ladder Collision Boxes, they were temporarilly removed for the 1.1 update) [1.1]
  • Pumpkin-less Snow Golems (Removes pumpkin heads from snow golems) [1.1]
  • Lamps (My first mod, hilarity will ensure, this is the worst thing you’ll probably see in your life. It’s been 4 years. Please have mercy!) [B1.5_01]