Other Stuff

I make other stuff too, not just minecraft mods (but mostly mods).

Bug Reporting 101
A website to teach people how to report bugs for minecraft mods.

English to Northernlionish Translator
A gag thing I made in under an hour, it translates names of items, enemies and the like from The Binding of Isaac to the counterparts used by Northernlion.

Thaumcraft Cheat Sheet
An old cheat sheet for Thaumcraft, it’s pretty outdated now, but I’m leaving it here because somebody might find it useful, my first proper experience with jQuery.

Perlin Map Generator
A little program that generates perlin noise maps and textures them so they look like continents, things like this are the expected output. Try inputting 1024 and 8, that tends to lead to the best results.

Blink Runner
A game I made in two days in Construct because I was bored, it’s about blinking and running. Inspired by The Impossible Game. It’s more or less a rage game, but if you’re persistent you can finish it, it’s not very large because I made it in two days >_>