1.8 Botania Permission Statement

I didn’t think I’d have to do this, but I guess CurseForge requires a proper written permission statement, so…

As of today, 18 of February 2016, williewillus (CurseForge member williewillus) may post on CurseForge, and monetize through the Curse Rewards Program, modified versions of the Botania mod, built by him for the purpose of his fork, under the following restrictions:

  • Mod versions publicized may not be of the same Minecraft version as any of the Minecraft versions covered by the original project, at the time of posting.
  • The project must remain open source, with a clear, visible link in the page or navbar of the project.
  • The project’s name must contain the words “Botania” and “Unofficial”.
  • The project must adhere to every clause in the Botania License, excluding the Non-Monetary clause.
  • The sole infraction of the Non-Monetary cause must be the monetization of the project through the Curse Rewards Program, and none other.