But it takes effort

Short post this time, I want to talk a bit about a response I often give to suggestions and why I do so. So let’s do that.

Sometimes the best answer to a solution is that “it takes effort”. This isn’t just my little piece of the sloth pie talking  (although my piece of the gluttony pie loves it) but it’s more of my brain micromanaging, a priori, the amount of time and effort that would require to bring that suggestion to light. Having a long list of to-dos is a common practice around content creators, keeping a cohesive string of ideas that flow together to create the best possible content is key to the art, and sometimes an idea that could fit in that string takes a bit too much space out of it for that it’s worth. In a vacuum, this doesn’t make the idea bad, nor does it make it poorly thought out, but what it does is render that idea as one that would take too much effort for the rewards it would bring.

There’s only twenty four hours in a day, and naturally nobody who isn’t tickled by the bug of insanity would even consider using them all to work while maintaining consistency. Time is finite, it’s simple. There’s only so much time one can dedicate to any given task, and when a task a composite of various smaller tasks, it’s often the case that priorities have to be assigned to these smaller tasks, to keep the big picture manageable. And this is where the response of “it takes effort” kicks in, it doesn’t have the connotation that an idea is bad, but that it would take too much effort to code, while taking away from other things that deserve the time more. So there you go, next time you call me lazy… wait, nevermind, you’re right anyway, I’m lazy.